Monday, 23 February 2009


I saw tansy being born at home and i dressed her and cut her cord :0).here are some pics of her.

on a rocking horse in a shop.

showing a shell.

in a swing.

asleep in the car.

with daddys headguard on.

looking cute.

Laying with me having confetti dropped on us.

A card I made for her.

In a box at taekwondo.

Ready for a Christmas party.

Walking at the garden centre.
We both make each other laugh. She likes In the Night Garden and Peppa Pig. If we go for a walk she always stops to stroke cats. She calls them miaows. She eats my rubbers. She calls me Roo Roo. I love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I bought my rats from Pets at Home and on the same day we bought lots of toys for them, they live in the cage that mummy and daddy use to keep rats in when I was a baby. They like sitting on my shoulder and they eat a lot of food, they like special rat chocolate drops. They have a little wooden hiding place at the top of their cage. Sometimes that all try to fit in but it is a bit of a squash. They have a big swing of the roof of their cage for them to sit on. They like sleeping in a pile of newspaper.

This is me with Nibbles on my shoulder (I had just been eating chocolate)

This is me with Nibbles from the back
This is me with Chad (in my arms) and Peppa (on my shoulder)

This is me with Alfie

My Pets

I currently have 10 pets. I have dog called Tilly she is a border collie but she was the runt of the litter so she doesn't really look like a border collie

I have two Guinea Pigs called Toby, and FrostyThey both love hay and guinea pig food and they do not like having a bath.

I some two triops and a brine shrimp. I got them for Christmas, they live for about 3 months and grow very quickly.

I also have four dumbo rats called Nibbles, Alfie, Peppa and Chad

They enjoy eating anything and like sleeping in a big rat pile.

Introducing me

Hello my name is Romy, I am nine (nearly ten) years old. I have been home educated all my life. I like drama and dancing, I also play basketball. I have a sister called Tansy she is nearly two. I have lots of pets.

I am starting a blog so I can record all the things I do as part of my Home Education

This is me at a fountain near where I live

This is me at Halloween dressed as a cat.